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Conway is a multigen petite mini goldendoodle that is affectionate, smart and very easy to train. never wants to leave your side.

DM clear, PRA-GR1 clear, PRA-GR2 clear, PRA-prcd clear, NEWS clear, Ich carrier, vWd clear, ic clear, CERF normal

red golden.PNG


Gunner is a handsome dark red golden retriever stud that produces beautiful puppies. He is sweet, smart and very docile. He loves to over see and take care of all the other dogs.

Good hips, heart, elbows, CERF normal, DM clear, PRA-GR 1 clear, PRA-GR2 clear, PRA-prcd clear, Ich clear



Marshall is a small apricot moyen poodle. He loves to run and play with everyone. A constant pleaser and companion.

Good prelim hips, heart, elbows and patellas. CERF normal,  DM clear, GM2 clear, NEWS clear, Osteochondrodysplasia clear, PRA-prcd clear, vWd clear.

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